WELCOME to Holland Plastics

With a fast turn-a-round service, Holland Plastics can supply and manufacture a range of plastic fabricated products for private and commercial needs on time and budget.

We are one of the largest plastics processing and fabrication businesses on the Gold Coast supplying all industries including Marine, Electronic, Transport, Gaming, Shop Fitting, Signage and many more...


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Marine Industry - Plastic Components Transport Industry - Vacuum Forming Thermo Forming Plastic Vacuum Forming

Steel Laser Cutting: Stainless and mild steels up to 10mm thick. 3000x1500mm sheets.

Acrylic Laser Cutting: Acrylic, wood, MDF and other materials up to 25mm thick. 2500x1250mm sheets.

CNC 3D Multi-Tool Router Cutting: All types of materials with the versatility to manufacture 3D tooling to suit our vacuum forming department. 3000x2000mm sheets.

Thermoforming: Acrylic shapes, domes and letters can be formed up to 2500x1830mm.

CNC Vacuum Forming: "Twin Skin" vacuum forming in our state of the art equipment.

All types of materials including High Impact Acrylic, ABS, ASA, HIPS, Polypropylene and HDPE.

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