EGGCRATE Louvres are extensively used where there is an increasing demand in the modern computerized office. High levels of illumination must be achieved with the lowest possible surface brightness.

Our Eggcrate Louvre is meticulously designed cellular system of highly reflecting surfaces coupled with a high percentage of open louvre area. As a result, high lumen efficiency and maximum illumination control is obtained by concentrating light within the 0-45/60 degree viewing zones whilst limiting the brightness in the higher viewing angles.

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Holland Plastics Eggcrate Louvres

Eggcrate Louvres Sheet Thickness Size

CODE: EGG13X13X8/Opal

Material            Polystyrene
Cell Size          13 X 13mm
Thickness        8 mm
Panel Size       1200 X 600mm
Colour Opal     (White)

PANEL SIZE - Supplied in full panel only.

CODE: EGG15X15X10/Opal

Material              Polystyrene
Cell Size           15 X 15mm
Thickness         10mm
Panel Size         1210 X 600mm
Colour                Opal (White)

PANEL SIZE - Supplied in full panel only.

CODE: EGG15X15X12/Opal

Material               Polystyrene
Cell Size            15 X 15mm
Thickness           12mm
Panel Size         1200 X 600mm
Colour                 Opal (White)

PANEL SIZE - Supplied in full panel only.

CODE: EGG15X15X11/Silver

Material                    Polystyrene
Cell Size                 15 X 15mm
Thickness               11mm
Panel Size              1213 X 603mm
Colour                     Silver

PANEL SIZE - Supplied in full panel only.

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