We offer a cut to size service for the following Extruded & Cast ACRYLIC TUBE & ROD.

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- 3 to 20mm Diameter must be purchased in full length only.
- 25mm Diameter and over Minimum cut to size is 500mm.TUBE
- 25.4mm Diameter and over must be purchased in full length only.
- 30mm Diameter and over Minimum cut to size is 500mm.

2 Metre Lengths - Metric Sizes

Code No.                                    O.Dia                           X                            I.Dia.
10                                                6mm O.Dia.                X                           4mm I.Dia.
11                                                10mm O.Dia               X                           8mm I.Dia.

12                                                12mm O.Dia.             X                            8mm I.Dia.

13                                                15mm O.Dia.             X                            11mm I.Dia.

14                                                20mm O.Dia.             X                             16mm I.Dia.

15                                                25mm O.Dia.             X                              21mm I.Dia.

16                                                 30mm O.Dia.            X                              26mm I.Dia.

17                                                 40mm O.Dia.           X                              36mm I.Dia.

18                                                  45mm O.Dia.           X                               41mm I.Dia.

19                                                   50mm O.Dia.          X                               46mm I.Dia.

20                                                    60mm O.Dia.         X                               54mm I.Dia.

21                                                    70mm O.Dia.         X                               64mm I.Dia.

22                                                    80mm O.Dia.         X                               74mm I.Dia.

23                                                    90mm O.Dia.         X                               84mm I.Dia.

24                                                    100mm O.Dia.       X                               94mm I.Dia.

25                                                    120mm O.Dia.       X                               114mm I.Dia.

26                                                     130mm O.Dia       X                               124mm I.Dia.         

27                                                     150mm O.Dia       X                                144mm I.Dia.

28                                                     200mm O.Dia       X                                192mm I.Dia.           



Larger sizes available on request.

We carry an extensive range of Extruded CLEAR ACRYLIC ROD & TUBE.

Extruded Clear acrylic Tube and Rod is manufactured using the extrusion process and is not recommended for external usage. It has very good clarity, can be machined, glued for use in all types of displays and products.

Cast Clear acrylic Tube and Rod is "cast" in a mould and therefore has excellent clarity. It is made from a superior grade of acrylic resin that is uv stable and can be used externally.

CLEAR Extruded ROD - 2 Metre Lengths
Metric Size           3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 19, 20, 25,
                              30, 32, 38, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 75mm Diameter / other