Thermoforming is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic sheet or film. The sheet or film is heated between infrared, natural gas, or other heaters to its forming temperature. Then it is stretched over or into a temperature-controlled, single-surface mold.

Cast or machined aluminum is the most common mold material, although epoxy and wood tooling are sometime used for low volume production. The sheet is held against the mold surface unit until cooled. The formed part is then trimmed from the sheet.

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Some typical custom thermoforming applications are:

  • Signs & 3D Sign lettering including illuminated box signs
  • Components for the industrial, automotive, electronics & marine industries
  • Boat windscreens, car dashboards, Bus cockpits, Custom cases
  • Sneeze guards, Cylinders, Point of Sale Displays
  • Portable winerack displays, Brochure holders, Centrifuge covers & liners

We use CNC panel saws, diamond polishing machines, and state of the art thermo-forming ovens and benders to ensure your job is done right

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