Vacuum Forming

Holland Plastics is a major supplier of Thermo-plastic Vacuum Formed components to the Truck, Bus, Coach & Special Vehicles Industries. We utilise both single Skin and Twin Skin Vacuum Forming Technologies using advanced CNC Vacuum Forming Equipment.
With all these components, we supply them completely assembled with locks, hinges, dividers or whatever else is required, ready for installation.  We also manufacture Vacuum Formed colour printed designs used in the Gaming Industry for products such as Jackpot displays, Bank End & Denomination Displays, Jackpot Animation displays & 3D illuminated colour graphic signage which is vacuum formed in 3D for visual impact.  With a large manufacturing plant we can Vacuum Form all your signage needs, large or small.
We specialise in Illuminated Themed Signage and Directional Signs manufactured from all types of materials.
From CNC machining of the tooling/moulds, Vacuum Forming of the component parts to the Assembly and delivery to the OEM............ whatever the design, Holland Plastics can manufacture it.

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